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LV3096 Scanner Module in Logistics Storage Management

Aug. 21, 2017

Logistics storage management PDA terminal, with 3096 series scanning module data acquisition function, the warehouse arrival inspection, out of storage, transfer, shift library shift, inventory and other aspects of the data to automate the bar code management to ensure that enterprises real-time control Warehouse management data information, reasonable to maintain and control business inventories.

Storage mobile data acquisition solutions to help companies improve work efficiency:

LV3096 Scanner Module in Logistics Storage Management

Warehouse operation:

Receipts ---- Warehouse Receivers receive large quantities of goods every day, data entry is complicated, the location to find difficulties, need a real time to scan the manifest information, verify the receipt information, automatically save the data, and instructions Handheld terminal for storage location. Shelves --- warehouse operators face a lot of goods, to carry out the allocation of storage, heavy workload, high degree of detail requirements. Need to be able to scan the goods bar code, automatically prompted to store the location, and automatically record the storage information, modify the inventory status of the handheld terminal.

Outbound operation:

Under the shelves, packaging, delivery --- in the relevant operations, the warehouse operators face a wide range of goods to find, modify the data registration, after the shelves of goods reconciliation, location adjustment, follow-up tracking and other major problems, Check out the inventory status of the library items, the corresponding location, and real-time to modify the warehouse database, record the shipping list, real-time tracking orders for product delivery handheld products.

Operation Inventory 

inventory is a lot of time for each business to do a headache endless operation, tens of thousands of items to be completed within one day and recorded in the computer, involving more departments. Need to be able to automatically scan the goods information, with the original database for immediate verification, and automatically enter the data to prepare the handheld barcode scanner terminal. High-speed, high-capacity data processing capabilities; flexible and powerful data communication capabilities, long working hours and advanced Windows CE operating system, high-speed, high-speed data processing capacity, For the storage management to provide a strong technical support.

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