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How to use embedded barcode scanning module for self-service equipment?

Dec. 29, 2021

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, embedded 2D barcode scanner is widely used in various occasions, which makes the application of intelligent self-service scanning very extensive.  RD4500L long-distance QR code scanning module is applied to long-distance scanning such as charging at high-speed toll station / parking lot to quickly sense and read the QR code on the mobile phone screen;RD4300 QR code recognition equipment is embedded into the self-service vending machine to form a "code scanning port" to expand the function of scanning QR code charging; RD4200 QR code scanning module is embedded into the channel gate, integrating the functional characteristics of QR code recognition, acquisition and real-time data transmission, so as to quickly scan and identify paper / screen QR code data, and integrate the "code scanning and ticket collection" and other functions with the docking of fare collection system... The key to the implementation of such self-service scanning function is an embedded QR code reader, That is, QR code reading module, QR code reading engine and QR code scanning module.

The main function of the QR code scanning module is to scan paper documents and 1D/2D barcodes displayed on the mobile phone screen, which fully integrates the self-service identification of barcodes and data transmission performance. However, unlike the scanner, it can only be embedded. Such products are generally applicable to embedded intelligent access control, channel gate, self-service terminal, bus payment, parking lot equipment, intelligent garbage sorting bin, ticket collector, deposit cabinet, logistics cabinet, lottery machine, code scanning gun, PDA supporting, industrial tablet, light supporting, medical equipment, handheld equipment, intelligent POS terminal Pipeline equipment and other industries that need to scan QR code to realize "QR code reading function".

Case 1: RD4500L long-distance QR code scanning module is applied to long-distance scanning of high-speed toll station / parking lot

How to use embedded barcode scanning module for self-service equipment?

RD4500L 2D remote scanning module can be embedded in high-speed toll station / car park fees and other items for remote scanning. When the owner passes the toll booth, only Alipay and WeChat pay two-dimensional code to be placed at the "sweep code port" to lightly pay for the toll. Considering that the defects such as short depth of field and narrow field of view of the ordinary scanning module are easy to make it difficult for the owner to identify when presenting the mobile phone payment code, the 2D code scanning module RD4500L is used, which is characterized by the customized sensor that optimizes the long-distance scanning of the 2D code, and can accurately read the code at about 1.2m to obtain better performance. RD4500L is very suitable for medium and long-distance QR code scanning applications, such as parking automatic code scanning payment and high-speed road long-distance code scanning payment


Case 2: the RD4300 embedded QR code reader is embedded into the self-service vending machine / payment terminal to form a "payment sensing area"

How to use embedded barcode scanning module for self-service equipment?

With the help of RD4300 embedded 2D barcode reader, Alipay and WeChat payment functions can be realized, and the "payment induction zone" can be formed on the vending machine, so as to help the self-service terminal manufacturers to innovate. For users, it will be more safe and convenient to use. For self-service equipment manufacturers, through QR code hardware decoding equipment and its secondary development ability, it provides a hardware foundation for the upgrading of traditional self-service equipment, enriches the payment means of the original equipment, and allows users to enjoy convenient mobile payment with the trend of the times, making it more competitive. It is understood that the LV4300 embedded 2D code scanner specializes in reading 1D/2D barcodes on the screen, and has made special technical verification on light processing for mobile phone screen code reading, even if the mobile phone screen is pasted with color film, dark screen, strong light or weak light, it can be easily read; IP54 industrial grade dustproof and waterproof function can maintain sensitive scanning performance even in dark and complex machines for a long time. LV4300 is very suitable for the integrated application of various payment terminals. It can quickly and accurately read the 1D/2D code on the mobile phone screen, such as self-service vending machine, self-service ordering machine, bus payment, ticket taking machine, lottery machine, access control terminal, visitor machine, intelligent garbage sorting bin, self-service payment terminal

Case 3: the RD4500R QR code recognition module is embedded into the intelligent access control / channel gate to form a "code scanning port"

How to use embedded barcode scanning module for self-service equipment?

RD4500R QR code automatic identification equipment can be embedded into the intelligent access control / channel gate to form a "code scanning port" to realize linkage with it. When we pass the access control gate, we only need to call out the mobile phone screen code or paper code and place it at the "code scanning port" for a brush. Relying on the self sensing mode, there is almost no need to stay. After verifying the identity information, the gate will open automatically. RD4500R adopts COMS industrial image recognition and sensing technology, which has strong decoding performance and can quickly read all kinds of paper codes and 1D/2D screen barcodes. It is easy to be embedded and used without additional support. It has high cost performance and wide applications.

Case 4: LV30 2D barcode scanner module is embedded into traditional handheld devices to improve its scanning performance and promote the innovation and development of handheld terminal applications

  How to use embedded barcode scanning module for self-service equipment?

The embedded bar code scanning module LV30 adopts the world's unique 2D decoding chip to bring excellent performance. With ultra-small volume and extremely light weight, the integrated design of image collector and decoding board, you don't have to worry about the lack of embedded thickness and installation space. It is easy to be embedded in a very small handheld device to easily read paper, plastic cards High density 1D/2D barcodes (including damaged and stained 2D codes) on various media such as LCD display screen can accurately scan bar codes even in bright sunlight; It can be applied to various integrated applications, such as PDA products, code scanning gun products, POS terminals, industrial tablets, industrial handhelds, medical diagnostic equipment, blood analyzers, queuing equipment, smart home lockers

From the above application solutions and product introduction, we can know that the embedded two-dimensional bar code reading engine is indispensable wherever bar code recognition is obtained. Their selection directions are also different according to different application scenarios and scanning requirements. Shenzhen Rakinda focuses on the QR code scanning module and bar code automatic identification industry. It has 20 years of experience in the Internet of things automatic identification industry and a good reputation. Its code scanning module, bar code reading engine, QR code recognition engine, QR code reader module, QR code scanner module, QR code recognition module, QR code scanner head, embedded QR code reader Embedded bar code recognizer and two-dimensional code scanner have high quality and ultra-high cost performance to ensure that they provide users with products with the best quality and best experience. The QR code module can quickly read reflective bar code, paper code and screen QR code information, meet various use needs in different applications, provide strong code scanning performance for system integrators, and help integrate their QR code scanning scheme into traditional terminal equipment. If you have needs, welcome to consult Shenzhen Rakinda technologies! We will provide you with all kinds of embedded scanning module sample testing, QR code scanner module OEM application solutions and professional technical services to meet your development and deployment.

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